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December 6, 2011
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You must choose 3 by tishaia You must choose 3 by tishaia
Seriously, why would someone fall for a person who is send to kill you? More, this particular rogue seems to have only one thing in his mind and constantly make references to "IT" ;E. I really don't know why my warden kept flirting with him, out of curiosity maybe? All I know that when always laid back and cheerful Zevran got angry with me (Gaaah! You! You keep collecting every piece of trash but you don't want my earring?! FINE!!!), I was lost :D. Don't know how or why it happend, still. Guess it's just Zevran ^^.

"I am yours"
Weapon on the pendant is the Rose's Thorn, the only legendary dagger in the DA: Origins. The blue coating is the Crow Poison - "This poison is a favorite of the Antivan Crows, whose efficient administration of death has built a nation's reputation." The mark on the right is the Assasin symbol for Origins.
(Thanks to Sresla from Deviantart for the ideas :D)

The piece on the bottom is a famous earring, a souvenir form Zevran's first assasin job with the Crows. The same earring he gives to the Warden as a token of his feelings. There is no reference to the earring, so I had to make it up ;). We learn that it belonged to the merchant prince and there is a jewel in it. I wanted the design to have Antivan feeling, to be subtle and frivolous, but not without some deeper meaning. So I came up with a rosebud, but If you look closer, you will see the very specific pattern on it, the same markings Zevran have on his face.

The pendant is made of polymer clay, 80x32 mm. Handmade and one of a kind! :)

My Etsy shop: [link]

Alistair. He is the character everyone compare others to. I heard voices like "Kaidan is the Alistair of Mass Effect" "Anders is the Alistair of Dragon Age 2" and things like that. Not everyone likes him, but he can't be unnoticed. I guess he will be used as a reference for all the next role playing game companion NPC's.

I end up with him on my very first Dragon Age playthrough and loved his lighthearted banter and the awkwardness he shows with nearly all the romantic situations ^^. He was funny and his presence felt strangely natural in a good way. I can think of many great moments, but this time I decided to look at his character as a whole.

I know that Alistair was nearly a Templar, but in this case "nearly" is the key word. What he was for sure, and always will be, - is a Grey Warden. He may end up a king or a drunkard. His love could be with him as a wife or a mistress, or dead. In every case the vows he took are still there. Like Anders said "Once a Grey Warden, always a Grey Warden". So I concentrated on this side of his personality.

"One day, we shall join you."
The pendant is thicker than I usually make them, and devoid of any ornaments, so it would feel solid and simple, in a warrior style. The weapon on it is the Warden's Longsword (Grey Iron), the one Alistair is starting with in the Dragon Age: Origins. The mark on the right is the gryphon, symbol of the Grey Wardens.
As for the rose. I wanted to avoid the lush green leaves. Alistar told the Warden that he found it standing out, so beautiful, among the Blight. That's why the vines and leaves are dead and brown and covered with sharp thorns, to give contrast to the delicate flower, and symbolize the destroyed world.
The text is taken from vow Alistair is reciting at the Joining ritual.
"Join us brothers and sisters. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that can not be forsworn. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day we shall join you."
It does not matter if the Warden is a Queen, or the Commander of the Grey, it doesn't even matter of she is dead or alive. Alistar will join her. One day.

The pendant is made of polymer clay, 65x35 mm. Handmade and one of a kind! :)

Grab it on Etsy! [link]

Ah, btw in the next Bioware game, Star Wars the Old Republic, one of the PC, the Sith Warrior is voiced by the same actor Alistair was! Guess what class I will play first! :D
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